About LawnShark USA LLC

LawnShark USA LLC has been setting the standard for leaf and litter cleanup for nearly two decades. Partnered with Metal—Tech Partners, one of the largest powder coaters in the Midwest, LawnShark USA has been setting the standard for the leaf and litter collection industry since 2006.

LawnShark Evolution Series, (E-Series)

2-Stage Sweeper Vac, Combining Industry-Leading Brush and Vacuum OperationIncreases Speed and Reduces Work Time Significantly
Rotating Paddle Brush Sweeping ActionTackles the toughest Jobs Including Lawn Debris, Pine Cones, Sweet Gum Balls, Litter and Cans
Sweep-Up Deck DesignLeaves Nothing Behind
6 Blade Thrasher Teeth ImpellerSignificantly Reduces Leaf Volume and Decreases Bagging Cycles
Brushwood ThrasherMaintains Continuous Airflow
Adjustable Deck HeightAdjusts to the Job at Hand
Optional Dethatching BrushTransforms LawnShark Into a Dethatching Unit