Lawn Shark - Leaf Vacuum

LawnShark - Residential Model - LTL-32

Effective and efficient, the LawnShark 2-Stage Vac resolves the problem of Leaf and Litter collection in backyards and residential areas.

Leaf Vacuum with Brushes Leaf Vacuum - LawnShark

Debris Removal

LawnShark LTL-32 is an extremely effective high-performance Litter and Leaf 2-stage VAC collection system that saves time and decreases labor, essentially eliminating the antiquated and time-consuming process of raking! The LawnShark’s remarkable new technology hinges on cyclonic suction, combined with counter-rotating brushes under the main deck that provide a 32” clearing width. While the LawnShark has been on the market for five years, the LawnSharkLTL-32 model is a variation that has been altered to meet the demands of customer and industry feedback.  It is smaller (the original model has a whopping 42" clearing width!) but, remarkably, has a significantly higher reduction rate on items that pass through the machine. (12:1!)  It has been tailored for the residential customer and for light commercial use to fit within a 36" gate, while the original model was created for larger commercial cleanup projects. The counter-rotating brushes lift and remove all items in their path effortlessly, sweeping them up and into a vacuum produced by the movement of a six-blade, carbon steel mulching impeller. From that point, all of the collected matter, whether organic or man-made, is pulverized and stored into a 5.2 bushel bag. The double layered bag has a semi-hard bottom that keeps its shape, preventing the bag from sagging when filled to capacity. Unlike our competitors, the LawnShark LTL-32 utilizes a patent-pending 'agitating' device, called a brushwood thrasher, that prevents items from clogging at the mouth of the impeller.  This thrasher renders the LawnShark virtually unstoppable!

The LawnShark LTL-32 has devoured such various items as wet and dry leaves, dead grass, sticks, acorns, pinecones, pine straw, paper and plastic debris, cigarette butts and even aluminum cans.  The deck was configured to be adjustable so that it could be utilized on hard surfaces as well as on grassy areas.  It is equipped with a 10.5 HP Power Built Series engine by Briggs and Stratton for users who demand the satisfaction out of doing a job right. This engine is 50-state compliant and meets all EPA requirements. The LawnShark LTL-32 is also available with a 9.5 PH Honda engine.  In addition, it has a six speed transmission that drives over any type of terrain.  A simple twist of the speed selector lever allows the user to choose the speed, and this versatility and simplicity of this feature puts the user in full control.  One feature that cannot be touted enough is the labor savings inherent in the use of the LawnShark.  In field tests, the LawnShark proved so efficient that what used to take five people only took two!