Lawn Shark - Leaf Vacuum

LawnShark - Customer Reviews and Testimonials

5 star rating
The LawnShark is the best machine for spring cleanup. Now I use just the LawnShark for de-thatching my yards and I don’t have to go back and pick up the thatch.
- New Lawn, Omaha Nebraska

5 star rating
Thanks to the LawnShark I can now clean up sweet gumballs with ease. Great product guys!
- DDT Lawnscape, Tulsa Oklahoma

4 star rating
The LawnShark is a great machine, our one acre property is now free of pine cones and pine needles.
- Claudette, Grimes Texas

5 star rating
Our greens are always full of locust pods and pine needles. Thanks to the LawnShark our grounds keepers now have an effective method for cleaning them up.
- Hidden Hills Golf Course

5 star rating
Thanks LawnShark! Your product is the only thing I have found that will clean artificial turf for our soccer fields and football fields.
- Arto-Turf Care: California

5 star rating
Finally, a machine that will pickup trash in our parking lots and in our lawns. We have saved time and money with your machine.
Little Village Retirement, Dallas Texas