Lawn Shark - Leaf Vacuum

About LawnShark

LawnShark was designed with one purpose in mind; to effectively and efficiently resolve the industry problem of Leaf and Litter collection.

Litter and Leaf 2-STAGE VAC

LawnShark offers Twice the Performance, Twice the Production and Twice the Profits which is largely due to the patented 2-STAGE VAC.  Highly effective and efficient this high-performance Litter and Leaf 2-STAGE VAC collection system saves time while decreasing labor. The LawnShark effectively collects, chops and stores wet and dry leaves, dead grass, sticks, pinecones, pine straw, paper and plastic debris and aluminum cans, beer bottles, broken bottles, and cigarette butts.

Customer Reviews   5 Star Rating

The LawnShark is a big time saver for me. In the past I used my lawn mower with a bag and I was constantly emptying it. With the LawnShark I can clean my entire yard and only empty it twice.
- Allison, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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